Haul Truck Monitoring System

Haul truck air monitoring module is a dynamic web-based SaaS management system in which the trucks are fitted with IoT sensors, which tracks the dust concentration with the geo spatial coordinates of the truck. Monitoring the dust concentration assist in conserving water resources by directing to affected areas as well as maintaining vehicle safety



A near real time analytical interface can be accessed on the main dashboard with a simple click.

Haul Truck air quality monitoring module displays a Trail that is configured to a standard “traffic light” color set.

  • Green trail indicates NORMAL Dust - No Action Required!
  • Yellow trail indicates CRITICAL Level - Watch and Monitor!
  • Red trail indicates HIGH Dust Concentration - Action Required!
  • Purple trail indicates VERY HIGH Dust - Immediate Action Required!

Snippets of Haul Truck Air Monitoring System

The analytical mode can be interrogated in 3D mode. The user can select the desired Date-Time-Range to see the emissions.

The Software also provides the options of Side by Side comparison for 2 different Date-Time-Ranges.


The information provided by the Haul truck monitoring module can be used to maintain the condition of the trucks by taking necessary measures in the areas where the air quality is affected.